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Preparation can be the difference between passing and failing your test. Give yourself the best preparation possible with Membership Access.

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Membership of features

High-quality Test Questions

Practice using our large database of more than 1300 high-quality test questions.
All our test questions resemble those of real aptitude tests. 

Study in practice mode with instant feedback on each answer, or simulate real test conditions with our timed tests.

Detailed Explanations

Tired of being told that your answer is incorrect, but not knowing why? With our clear and detailed explained solutions you will not only know why an answer is incorrect, but also gain a significantly higher chance of answering the type of question correctly the next time you face it.

Score Data and Progression Charts

Test results are stored in a database, easily accessible by you and presented in a user-friendly way. Use the data to confirm that your test preparation is really helping you improve, to find your strong and weak areas or simply for the fun of it.

Compare Your Performance Against Others

After completion of a test you may compare your results with that of previous test-takers. This way you no longer have to guess whether you scored well or not.

From statistics of previous test-takers you can see:

Customized Printing of Test Questions

Prefer to solve test questions on paper? Print all of our test questions with ease. 

Software features:

Training Assistant

The Training Assistant can make a training plan tailored to you based on the test you are studying for, your test date (if known) and your expected training time per week. 

Scoring high on your test will require preparation - we make it easy and effective.

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