Cognitive Ability Test

This assessment will measure your overall cognitive ability. The test contains four sections:

  1. Verbal reasoning sub-test
  2. Spatial reasoning sub-test
  3. Abstract reasoning sub-test
  4. Quantitative reasoning sub-test

Your results will be displayed after each sub-test, and your overall score will be given after completing all four sub-tests.

Note: After completing your first sub-test, you must answer some questions about yourself before you can view your results. The data we gather on you is used for anonymous research. We will not ask for your email or other contact details. The test and test results are provided free of charge; you will not be asked to pay to receive your results.

To begin, select one of the three tests below. The test will open in a new window.

1) Verbal Reasoning
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2) Spatial Reasoning
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3) Abstract Reasoning
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4) Quantitative Reasoning
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Overall results

0 of 4 tests completed. Complete all three tests to receive your overall results.