Mechanical Aptitude Test

Wiesen Test of Mechanical Aptitude

What is the WTMA?

The Wiesen Test of Mechanical Aptitude (WTMA) is a mechanical comprehension test. The WTMA evaluates a candidate’s ability to understand basic physical principles and apply them to various scenarios. Your score on the WTMA should predict your ability to learn how to use, maintain, and repair equipment and machinery.

The test consists of 60 multiple-choice questions with a 30-minute time limit.

Here we will cover what you need to know about the WTMA.

What questions can I expect on the WTMA?

The majority of questions on the WTMA will contain one or more illustrations and have three to four answer options. In most questions, no calculations are required; instead, you will rely on your common sense and your knowledge of very basic physical principles.

Most of the questions have a similar format. See the two examples below:

WTMA example question 1:

The weight of the two trucks is the same. Which truck will be most affected by a strong sidewind? (If no difference, choose C)

Wiesen Test of Mechanical Aptitude example question

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Truck A has a larger surface area. The larger the surface area, the greater the force it will experience from the wind.

WTMA example question 2:

The weight of the two trucks with load is the same. Both trucks are driving at a speed of 40 mph. Which truck will require the most force to stop? (If no difference, choose C)

WTMA example question

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The force required to stop an object in motion depends on momentum. Momentum equals mass × velocity. Because the mass and the velocity (speed) of the two trucks are the same, they also have the same momentum; therefore, an equal force is required to stop both trucks. Mass and weight are the same thing — in this case.

The subjects of the WTMA may include:

  • Pulleys
  • Gears
  • Springs
  • Levers
  • Balancing scales
  • Gravity
  • Acceleration
  • Hydraulics
  • Weights
  • Magnetism
  • Energy types
  • Friction
  • Pressure
  • Basic electrical circuits

Our Mechanical Test Prep Package will introduce you to most, if not all, types of mechanical comprehension questions.

How to prepare for the WTMA

Preparing for the WTMA will help you perform better. There are a few things you can do to ready yourself:

  • Brush up on your knowledge of basic physical principles. The subjects that will make the most difference involve pulleys, gears, and levers. These are also included as part of our Mechanical Study Guide.
  • Practice questions similar to those of the WTMA. This will familiarize you with the question format and help you feel more confident about the test.

We can help you prepare for the WTMA. Get our Mechanical Prep Package and access more than 100 mechanical comprehension questions and our Mechanical Study Guide containing seven (7) relevant subjects. Get access now.

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