Mechanical Knowledge Test

What is a Mechanical Knowledge test?

A mechanical knowledge test is an assessment tool designed to measure an individual’s understanding and knowledge of mechanical systems and principles. This type of test is often used in contexts where mechanical skills and knowledge are crucial, such as in technical and engineering roles, as well as in certain trades and industries.

Unlike mechanical comprehension tests, which focus more on the application of mechanical principles and problem-solving skills, mechanical knowledge tests tend to focus more on the theoretical aspect and the depth of understanding one has about mechanical concepts.

What questions can I expect in a Mechanical Knowledge test?

You can expect questions about basic physics and mechanics. Question subjects included may be:

  • Auto Mechanics:
    • Four-stroke engines
    • Hydraulics
    • Brakes
    • Engine oil
    • Battery
    • Other fundamental knowledge
  • Energy types
  • Acceleration and momentum
  • Mechanical advantage
  • Effort
  • Friction
  • Gravity
  • Compression

Mechanical Knowledge example question:

In a hydraulic system, if the cross-sectional area of the master cylinder is 2 square inches and the cross-sectional area of the slave cylinder is 8 square inches, how much force must be applied to the master cylinder to lift a 400-pound load with the slave cylinder?

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This question can be solved using Pascal’s Law, which states that pressure in a closed hydraulic system is constant throughout. The pressure exerted in the system is equal to Force/Area. So, the pressure applied by the master cylinder is equal to the pressure applied on the load by the slave cylinder. If Fm is the force on the master cylinder and Am and As are the areas of the master and slave cylinders respectively, then:

Fm / Am = Fs / As

Given Am = 2 square inches, As = 8 square inches, and Fs = 400 pounds (the load), we can solve for Fm:

Fm / 2 = 400 / 8
Fm = 400 / 8 × 2 = 100 pounds

Therefore, a force of 100 pounds must be applied to the master cylinder to lift a 400-pound load with the slave cylinder.

Where are Mechanical Knowledge tests used?

Mechanical knowledge tests are typically used in industries and sectors where a deep understanding of mechanical systems is crucial. These include technical and engineering roles, automotive and aviation industries, and various trades such as plumbing and electrical work. In the recruitment process, these tests help employers assess a candidate’s theoretical knowledge of mechanical principles, ensuring they have the necessary expertise for the job. Additionally, educational institutions and vocational training programs often use these tests to evaluate students’ grasp of mechanical concepts, aiding in both admissions and course placements.

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Mechanical Knowledge Test

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