Aptitude Tests

What are Aptitude Tests?

Aptitude tests are designed to assess a person’s capability and potential to perform well in specific tasks without previous knowledge or training. These tests are not only common in academic settings, like school exams, but are also a key part of pre-employment evaluations.

Employers rely on aptitude tests to guide them in selecting the right candidates. These tests have been proven effective in pinpointing individuals who are most likely to excel in a particular job role. You can take these tests as a part of the job interview process, or even online from the comfort of your home.

One of the great things about aptitude tests is that they don’t just assess your skills; they also help improve your cognitive functions and memory. Plus, you have the opportunity to prepare for them in advance. To get a better understanding of the different types of aptitude tests available and to try some for free, you can explore the categories we have listed below.

Find the practice test you need

With so many aptitude tests available, we’ve organized the most commonly used ones into categories for your convenience. Click on these categories to find out more and to take a free practice test.

Most popular selections

Cognitive Ability

Quick Mixed Aptitude Test

Tests by Publisher

Numerical Aptitude Tests

Numerical Reasoning

Number Series

Numerical Word Problems

Basic Arithmetic

Mathematical Knowledge

Verbal Aptitude Tests

Verbal Reasoning

Deductive Reasoning

Critical Thinking

Verbal Skills

Reading Comprehension

Word Analogy

Word Relationships

Non-verbal Aptitude Tests

Abstract Reasoning

Inductive Reasoning

Spatial Ability

Diagrammatic Reasoning

Image Analogy

Other Aptitude Tests

Mechanical Aptitude

Clerical Ability

Typing Skills

Data Entry Skills

Logical Reasoning

Situaional Judgement

Personality Test

Spatial Orientation