Number Series Test

What is a Number Series Test?

A number series test is a common type of psychometric test often used in various assessments, especially in aptitude testing for employment or educational purposes. The test evaluates a person’s numerical reasoning ability and logical thinking skills.

Number series tests are designed to assess how well an individual can identify patterns, trends, or rules in a sequence of numbers and use this understanding to predict the next number(s) in the series.

What does Number Series questions look like?

Typically, the test presents a sequence of numbers with a clear pattern. The candidate’s task is to figure out the pattern and identify the next number(s) in the sequence. Sometimes, the candidate might be asked to identify a missing number within the series.

The patterns in number series can range from simple (like addition or subtraction) to complex (involving multiplication, division, alternating sequences, Fibonacci sequences, or even a combination of operations).

Number Series example question:

Find the missing number. 2, 4, 8, ?

Explanation: Select your answer to display explanation.

In the series we can see that the number is doubled by every step to the right, therefore the correct answer is 16.

Where are Number Series tests used?

Number series tests are commonly used in pre-employment assessments for jobs requiring strong analytical and problem-solving skills. They are also a part of various competitive exams and IQ tests. Number series questions are often found as part of a cognitive ability test.

How to prepare for a Number Series test?

Understanding and practicing number series problems can significantly improve one’s performance in these tests, as it helps familiarize with the types of patterns and logic commonly used.

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Number Series Test

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