Deductive Reasoning

What is a Deductive Reasoning test?

A deductive reasoning test is a type of cognitive assessment used to evaluate an individual’s ability to draw logical conclusions from given information. These tests are designed to assess reasoning skills, specifically the ability to apply general rules to specific instances in a logical manner.

What do Deductive Reasoning questions look like?

In deductive reasoning questions, you must draw conclusions based solely on the information given in the question, not on your own knowledge. If the conclusion cannot be drawn from the given information, then it does not follow. There are several types of questions that evaluate deductive reasoning ability.

The most common type of deductive reasoning question is the syllogism. A syllogism is a logical argument where a pair of sentences serve as the premises, and a third sentence serves as the conclusion. See example question 1.

Another very common form of deductive reasoning question involves arrangements. In these questions, you are given information about the order of items or people relative to one another. You are required to mentally arrange these items or people according to the given information and then answer a question based on this arrangement. See example question 2.

Deductive Reasoning example 1:

All crows are black. All black birds are loud. All crows are birds.

Statement: All crows are loud.

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We have to determine whether all crows are loud.
We know that all crows are birds, and all crows are black. Meaning that all crows are black birds. We also know that all black birds are loud. Therefore, all crows are loud – the statement is correct.

Deductive Reasoning example 2:

Mike finished ahead of Paul. Paul and Brian both finished before Liam. Owen did not finish last.
Who was the last to finish?

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Mike finished before Paul, so Mike was not last. Paul and Brian finished before Liam, so Paul and Brian were not last. It is stated that Owen did not finish last. Only Liam remains, so Liam must have been last to finish.

Where are Deductive Reasoning tests used?

Deductive reasoning tests are commonly used in various settings due to their effectiveness in assessing logical thinking and problem-solving skills. In the educational sector, they’re often part of entrance exams or assessments to gauge students’ analytical abilities. In the professional world, these tests are a staple in job interviews and recruitment processes, especially for roles that require strong analytical and decision-making skills, such as in law, finance, and technology sectors. They’re also used in professional training programs to develop and enhance critical thinking skills among employees.

Practice Deductive Reasoning Test

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Deductive Reasoning Test

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