Abstract Reasoning Test

What is an Abstract Reasoning test?

An abstract reasoning test is a type of cognitive assessment that measures your ability to identify patterns, logical rules, and trends in new data, independent of acquired knowledge. These tests are designed to assess your problem-solving and analytical skills using non-verbal content, typically involving shapes, patterns, and figures.

Unlike tests that measure acquired knowledge or specific skills, abstract reasoning tests are thought to evaluate more innate abilities, such as fluid intelligence.

What does Abstract Reasoning questions look like?

In abstract reasoning questions, you will be presented with a matrix of 3 rows and 3 columns, containing 8 items and one missing. Your task is to identify the pattern, rule, or association among the items in the matrix to determine the missing item.

Abstract Reasoning example question:

Select a suitable option that would complete the figure matrix.

Abstract Reasoning Example question

Explanation: Select your answer to display explanation.

With each step along the row, an additional radial line is added to the polar grid. Note: A radial line is a line that extends from the center of the grid to the outer edge.

With each step along the column, an additional circle is added to the polar grid.

Where are Abstract Reasoning tests used?

Abstract reasoning tests are commonly used in various contexts, such as job recruitment (especially for roles that require quick learning and problem-solving), educational assessments, and in some psychological evaluations. They are particularly valued because they are less influenced by cultural background or education, providing a more level playing field to assess cognitive ability.

How to prepare for an Abstract Reasoning test?

To prepare for an abstract reasoning test, start by familiarizing yourself with common types of patterns and sequences used in these tests, such as changes in shape, size, color, or orientation. Practice with sample questions or online tests to get a feel for the format and to improve your speed and accuracy. Focus on developing a systematic approach to each question, breaking down the patterns step by step. It’s also helpful to work on your spatial and visual imagination, as this can aid in visualizing and manipulating shapes mentally.

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Abstract Reasoning Test

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