Image Analogy

What are Image Analogy questions?

Image analogy test questions are a type of cognitive assessment tool that measures an individual’s ability to recognize relationships and draw logical parallels between different visual elements. These questions use images, shapes, or patterns instead of words or numbers.

These questions test abstract thinking, pattern recognition, and logical reasoning abilities.

What does image analogy questions look like?

In a typical image analogy question, you are presented with a set of images where the first two are related in a certain way. Your task is to determine how they are related and then find a similar relationship in another set of images, one of which is usually missing. You have to select the missing image from a number of options that completes the analogy in the same way as the first pair.

For instance, you might see a pattern that enlarges from the first to the second image. The task would be to find a pattern from the options provided that enlarges in the same way from a third given image.

Image Analogy example question:

Image analogy test question

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The figure on the right is the same as the figure on the left, only rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise.

Where are Image Analogy test questions used?

Image analogy test questions are frequently used in IQ tests and educational assessments to measure abstract reasoning and problem-solving skills. They’re also a common component in job recruitment processes, especially for positions requiring strong analytical abilities. These questions help in evaluating an individual’s capability to understand patterns and relationships without relying on language skills, making them useful in diverse cultural and linguistic settings.

How to prepare for a Image Analogy questions?

Preparing for image analogy questions involves practicing with various types of visual puzzles and pattern recognition exercises. You can find many practice resources online or in specialized books. Focus on understanding the underlying relationships between different shapes and patterns, such as size, direction, quantity, or color changes. It’s also helpful to time your practice sessions to improve speed and accuracy under time constraints. Regular practice will sharpen your ability to quickly identify the relationships and analogies between different sets of images, a key skill for these types of questions.

Practice Image Analogy Test

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Image Analogy Test

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