Verbal Skills Test

What is a Verbal Skills test?

A verbal skills test is a specialized assessment tool used by employers to evaluate a job applicant’s proficiency in language and communication. These tests are designed to measure various aspects of verbal skills, including grammar, vocabulary, spelling, and comprehension. They are essential in determining a candidate’s ability to understand and convey information effectively, which is crucial in many job roles.

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Verbal Skills Test

What questions can I expect in a Verbal Skills test?

The question format is commonly multiple-choice, the most common question types are:

  • Spelling: The ability to spell words correctly.
  • Grammar: Understanding and applying the rules of language structure.
  • Vocabulary: Knowing and comprehending the meanings of a wide range of words.
  • Word Relationships: Recognizing how words relate to each other, like in analogies or synonyms and antonyms.
  • Reading comprehension: The ability to understand and interpret detailed written information, such as in reading passages, instructions, or reports.

Visit the question categories below to read more.

Grammar & Spelling

Verbal Coherence & Cohesion


Reading Comprehension

Word Analogy

Word Relationships

Where are Verbal Skills tests used?

These tests are commonly used in educational settings to assess students’ language abilities, and in the workplace, particularly for roles where effective communication is crucial. In a professional context, verbal skills tests can be part of pre-employment screening or used for ongoing employee evaluations. They help employers ensure that their staff can handle tasks that require strong verbal communication, such as customer interactions, presentations, team collaboration, and report writing. t’s particularly relevant for positions where clear and effective verbal communication is crucial, such as in customer service, sales, or management roles. 

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