Word Relationships

What are Word Relationship questions?

Word relationship test questions are designed to assess cognitive abilities, particularly focusing on verbal and logical reasoning. These questions challenge your ability to discern relationships between ideas and to think methodically.

What do Word Relationship questions look like?

There are two primary types of word relationship questions.

Group of words
In this type of word relationship question, you are asked to identify the word that shares a common characteristic or category with the others in a given list of words. See example 1.

Odd one out
In this type of question, you are given four words and must identify the word that does not belong with the others. This means that three out of the four words share a common characteristic that the fourth one does not. See example 2.

Word Relationships example 1:

Which word belongs to the list below?
Fox, Turtle, Lion, Horse

Answer Options:

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The question has a list of four-legged animals. Rhino is the only four-legged animal in the answer options, and is therefore the correct answer.

Word Relationships example 2:

Which is the odd one out?

Answer Options:

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The odd one out is “Sky.” The other options are all meteorological phenomena.

Where are Word Relationship questions used?

Word relationship test questions are valued for their ability to assess a range of cognitive skills, including verbal reasoning, linguistic proficiency, and logical thinking, in a concise and effective manner.

These test questions are commonly used in standardized testing (like the SAT or GRE), cognitive ability assessments, and verbal ability tests.

Practice Word Relationships Test

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Word Relationships Test

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