Word Analogy Test

What is a Word Analogy Test?

Word analogy test questions are designed to assess cognitive abilities, with a specific focus on verbal reasoning and language comprehension. In these tests, participants encounter pairs of words that share a distinct relationship. The primary task involves identifying a similar relationship in another pair of words, chosen from a set of given options.

What does Word Analogy questions look like?

Word analogy questions present pairs of words with a specific relationship and challenge participants to identify a similar relationship in another pair of words from given options.

There are many different types of relationships between the words in word analogy questions. You can expect to see:

  • Items and their function: Car – transportation
  • Things and their “category”: Horse – mammal
  • Cause and effect: Cold – freeze
  • Descriptive: Grass – green
  • Antonyms: Hot – cold
  • Synonyms: Tiny – petite
  • Things in different states: Water – ice

Word Analogy example question:

Fast is to Running as Slow is to ?

Answer Options:

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If running is fast, then walking is slow – walking is the correct answer.

Where are Word Analogy questions used?

Word analogy test questions are valued for their ability to assess a range of cognitive skills, including verbal reasoning, linguistic proficiency, and logical thinking, in a concise and effective manner.

These test questions are commonly used in standardized testing (like the SAT or GRE), cognitive ability assessments, and verbal ability tests.

How to prepare for Word Analogy test questions?

To prepare for word analogy test questions, start by enhancing your vocabulary through extensive reading and learning new words regularly. Familiarize yourself with different types of relationships between words, such as synonyms, antonyms, part to whole, and cause and effect. Practice with sample analogy questions to get a feel for the patterns and logic commonly used in these tests. Engage in puzzles and games that challenge your verbal reasoning skills, and review your practice questions to understand your mistakes and learn from them. Consistent practice and exposure to a wide range of words and relationships are key to mastering word analogies.

Practice Word Analogy Test

Try a free word analogy test.
This free practice test contains 6 test questions and has a time limit of 3 minutes.

Word Analogy Test

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