Numerical Word Problems Test

What is a Numerical Word Problems Test?

A numerical word problems test is a type of assessment commonly used in educational settings and various professional contexts, such as job recruitment processes, to evaluate an individual’s ability to understand and solve problems that involve numerical information presented in a textual format. These tests are primarily designed to measure two things:

Mathematical Skills: Proficiency in basic arithmetic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division), as well as more advanced concepts like percentages, ratios, and algebraic expressions.

Problem-Solving Ability: The capacity to understand a problem, identify relevant information, and apply appropriate mathematical methods to find a solution.

What does Numerical Word Problems look like?

A numerical word problem typically presents a scenario or a situation that involves numbers and requires the application of mathematical concepts to solve. These problems are written in a narrative form and often relate to real-life situations. The goal is to extract the relevant numerical information from the text and use appropriate mathematical operations to find a solution.

Numerical Word Problems example question:

TechWave Solutions is planning to purchase new laptops and printers for its office. Each laptop costs $800, and each printer costs $150. The company decides to buy twice as many laptops as printers. If the total budget for this purchase is $14,000, how many printers can the company buy?

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Let’s denote the number of printers as P.
Therefore, the number of laptops will be 2P (since it’s twice the number of printers).

Calculate the total cost based on the number of laptops and printers.
Total cost = Cost of laptops + Cost of printers
Total cost = ($800 × 2P) + ($150 × P)

Set up the equation using the total budget.
$14,000 = ($800 × 2P) + ($150 × P)
$14,000 = $1,600P + $150P
$14,000 = $1,750P

Solve for P (number of printers).
P = $14,000 / $1,750
P = 8

The company can buy 8 printers within the budget, and accordingly, 16 laptops.

Where are Numerical Word Problems used?

They are widely used in educational assessments, standardized tests like the SAT or GMAT, and in professional settings, particularly for roles that require strong quantitative and analytical skills. Numerical word problems are commonly found as part of a cognitive ability test and in numerical aptitude tests.

How to prepare for Numerical Word Problems?

Preparing for numerical word problems, especially for exams or job assessments, involves a combination of building strong foundational math skills, practicing problem-solving techniques, and familiarizing yourself with common types of problems.

Start by strengthening your basic math skills, including arithmetic, fractions, and algebra. Regularly practice with a variety of problems from textbooks or online resources to enhance your problem-solving abilities. Focus on understanding the problem’s context and translating the text into mathematical expressions, while also working on your speed and accuracy under timed conditions. Reviewing your mistakes is crucial for improvement, as it helps you identify and work on your weak areas.

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Numerical Word Problems Test

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