Numerical Reasoning Test

What is a Numerical Reasoning Test?

A numerical reasoning test is a type of psychometric assessment frequently used in the recruitment process and in educational settings. Its primary purpose is to measure an individual’s ability to handle numbers and solve problems using numerical data.

The main goal is to assess a candidate’s numerical analytical skills and their ability to interpret, analyze, and draw conclusions from sets of data.
Numerical reasoning tests evaluate arithmetic skills, data interpretation, logical analysis, and the ability to work under time constraints. They measure how well a person can understand and use numerical or statistical data.

What does Number Reasoning questions look like?

These tests typically present data in various formats, such as graphs, tables, charts, or simple text. Questions are based on the data provided and often involve basic arithmetic, percentages, ratios, or statistical interpretation.

The complexity of these tests can vary greatly depending on the level of the position or course for which they are being used. Higher-level positions may require more complex data analysis and higher-level mathematical understanding.

Numerical Reasoning example question:

Sales figures of four different products (A, B, C, and D) over a period of six months:

Numerical Reasoning Example Question
Numerical Reasoning Example Question

Based on the graph, which product showed the greatest percentage increase in sales from January to June?

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To find the greatest percentage increase, we calculate the percentage increase for each product from January to June.

Product A:
January: 200 units, June: 300 units
Percentage Increase = ((300 – 200) / 200) × 100% = 50%

Product B:
No increase (constant sales of 300 units).

Product C:
January: 100 units, June: 600 units
Percentage Increase = ((600 – 100) / 100) × 100% = 500%

Product D:
January: 350 units, June: 350 units
No increase.

The correct answer is Product C (500% increase).

Where are Numerical Reasoning tests used?

These tests are widely used in the hiring process for roles in finance, consulting, professional services, and other fields where numeracy is a key part of the job. They are also used in academic assessments and for admission to certain educational programs.

How to prepare for a Numerical Reasoning test?

To prepare for numerical reasoning tests, it’s beneficial to practice basic math skills, familiarize oneself with different types of data presentations, and understand how to quickly interpret and manipulate numerical information.

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Numerical Reasoning Test

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