Spatial Ability Test

What is an Spatial Ability test?

A spatial ability test is designed to assess how well you can visualize and manipulate objects in space. It typically includes questions that require you to imagine how shapes or objects would look when rotated, folded, or flipped. These tests often involve puzzles, pattern recognition, and understanding spatial relationships. They are used to gauge your ability to think in three dimensions, which is crucial for fields like architecture, engineering, and design.

What does Spatial Ability questions look like?

Spatial ability questions typically involve images of shapes or objects, challenging you to visualize their transformations. Here are some common types:

  • Folding: You’ll see a flat, 2D pattern and need to determine which 3D object it can fold into from several options.
  • Paper Folding: These questions show a paper being folded step by step, then punched with holes. Your task is to select how the paper would look when unfolded.
  • 2D Rotating Figures: You’re presented with a drawn figure and must identify the one that matches the original figure when rotated.
  • 3D Rotating Objects: Similar to 2D rotations, but with 3D objects. You need to find the object that matches the original when rotated.
  • Mirroring: You’re given a figure and must find its mirror image, which could be mirrored vertically or horizontally.
  • Assembling Objects: Here, you’re shown parts of an object and must figure out which complete object they can form. These can be 3D or 2D puzzles.

See an example of a folding-type spatial ability question below. To see examples of the other types of spatial ability questions, try our free spatial ability test.

Spatial Ability example question:

Select the object that the pattern can be folded into.
Fold towards the screen – away from you.

Spatial Ability Example Question

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Spatial Ability Explanation

Where are Spatial Ability tests used?

Spatial ability tests are commonly used in fields where visualizing and manipulating objects in space is crucial, like architecture, engineering, and design. They’re also a key part of the recruitment process for military and aviation roles, where understanding spatial relationships is essential.

How to prepare for a Spatial Ability test?

To prepare for a spatial ability test, practice with puzzles and games that involve shape manipulation, like tangrams or 3D puzzles. Familiarize yourself with different types of questions, such as object rotation, mirror images, and pattern folding. Work on visualizing shapes in your mind, especially how they would look when rotated or flipped. Try drawing out complex shapes and visualizing their transformations. It’s also helpful to take practice tests to get used to the format and improve your speed and accuracy. Remember, regular practice is key to developing and honing your spatial reasoning skills.

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Practice Spatial Ability Test

Try a free spatial ability test.
This free practice test contains 6 test questions and has a time limit of 4 minutes.

Spatial Ability Test

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