Talogy (formerly PSI/Cubiks)

Talogy is an international consultancy that designs and delivers talent acquisition and development services for businesses worldwide. Talogy has offices throughout Europe, the Middle East, Malaysia, Greater China, Australia and the United States.
In 2022 multiple companies were unified under the name Talogy: Cubiks, PSI Talent Management, Caliber, and more.

Talogy has three different types of tests: Personality tests, Situational judgment tests, and Ability tests.

Talogy Logiks Ability Tests

Formerly a popular range of Cubiks tests the Logiks ability tests are offered as a verbal test, a numerical test, an abstract test, or a general test combining all three. The Logiks General test is available as an intermediate test and an advanced test.
The intermediate level is considered easier but has more question types in its numerical and verbal sub-tests.

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Logiks General Intermediate

The test consists of three sub-tests: numerical, verbal, and abstract. The test has a strict time limit and there is limited time to answer each question.

Read more about the Talogy Logiks General Intermediate test.

Logiks General Advanced

The test also consists of three sub-tests: numerical, verbal, and abstract. In the advanced test, more time is allowed to answer each question, but the questions will be more complex than the questions of the intermediate test.

Read more about the Talogy Logiks General Advanced test.

Logiks Verbal Test

In this test, you have 36 minutes to answer 25 questions.
The questions in this category will assess your verbal reasoning skills.
The questions consist of one or more paragraphs of text followed by a series of questions. The questions may ask what can be concluded from the text, what assumption is made in the text or which statement best summarizes the main message in the text.

Logiks Numerical Test

The Logiks Numerical test consists of 20 questions with a time limit of 25 minutes.
These questions assess your numerical reasoning skills and typically consist of a diagram or chart with information and numbers.
Each graph/chart will be accompanied by 3 – 4 questions. The test-taker must find the information from the chart and calculate the correct answer.

Logiks Abstract Test

In the Logiks Abstract test, you have 15 minutes to answer 30 questions.
The abstract category has questions that resemble those you would find in an IQ test. The questions contain a series of figures and the test-taker is to choose the figure that is missing in the series or the figure that would complete the series.

Advice and need to know information before taking the Logiks tests

Calculators are allowed when taking the Logiks tests.

Time constraints in these tests can cause a roadblock for many test-takers. With repeated practice, you will speed your ability to do the tests within the time limit.
The verbal, numerical, and abstract skills needed to complete the tests might not be as difficult as one might expect but a tight time limit can cause the test-taker to make many mistakes. It is, therefore, necessary to practice basic math and verbal skills before taking the test. It is also advisable to do some practice tests daily for a week or more prior to taking the scheduled test.

There are no penalties for incorrect answers, if you do not know the answer, it is better to guess than leave the answer blank.
You are able to go back to skipped questions. Therefore, a good strategy is to answer the questions you know first, then return to the more difficult questions later.

We offer full test preparation packages for the Talogy Logiks ability tests with over 1000 questions covering all Logiks ability tests. This package also includes situational judgment practice tests.

Free Talogy Logiks practice tests:

Talogy Logiks General Intermediate
Talogy Logiks General Advanced

Talogy Situational Judgment test

The Talogy Situational Judgment Test assesses a candidate’s aptitude and suitability for a potential role based on their responses in a decision-making scenario that is often related to a working environment.
In a Situational Judgment Test, a number of situations will be presented to you and you will have to pretend to be present in that specific situation. With that in mind, you are going to have to respond or react to the given situations.
SJT questions take the form of a brief description of a situation that you might be faced with at work. For each situation, you will be asked to RATE and/or RANK the possible responses according to effectiveness.


Papi is a Talogy personality test.
The PAPI personality tests are designed to evaluate your personality at work, and the questions are about your attitudes and behavior at work. Talogy offers two kinds of personality tests. It is not possible to prepare for these kinds of tests and, therefore, we do not offer practice questions for PAPI.


A statement is presented, and the test-taker must rate their level of agreement on a scale of 1-7 representing: strongly disagree, disagree, slightly disagree, neither disagree nor agree, slightly agree, agree, strongly agree.


Three statements are presented. The test-taker must choose the statement that is most like him/her and the one that is least like him/her.

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