10 Major Companies that use Aptitude Testing

If you’ve ever dreamed of working for one of the world’s best companies, it would be wise to know that if you want to work for one, you’ll need to sit an aptitude test. Aptitude tests help companies select the ideal candidate in the sea of applicants they receive during every recruiting season. Here are ten major companies that use aptitude testing today as part of their recruitment process.

1: Adidas

With such an impressive global reputation, it is no wonder so many workers want to work for Adidas. Adidas administers a range of aptitude tests, depending on the level of the role you apply for, as well as the key tasks involved in the role. You can expect to sit a general aptitude test as part of the pre-employment screening stage, which may take place before or after your interview. Once you’ve made it through the initial screening stage, a further set of aptitude tests will be administered, which will be more specific to the essential skills required in your role.

2: Nokia

Like Adidas, Nokia has a range of aptitude tests that vary depending on the role you are applying for; you can expect a sales-based role to differ remarkably from a role-based in tech development, for instance. Because competition is fierce, Nokia administers a combined aptitude test which includes additional questions in relation to technical competencies. The test requires you to not only know how to answer the questions, it also requires you to manage your time well; a desirable trait for their potential employees.

3: Toyota

Toyota requires all of its employees to be top-notch, so it is no surprise that their aptitude tests are exceptionally comprehensive. If you apply for a role at Toyota and make it through the application round, you’ll be invited to complete aptitude tests online. Success in this test ensures you move forward to the in-person assessments, which is why it is crucial to do well because if you don’t, you won’t get offered a job. Expect to sit a general aptitude test, as well as numerical and skill-based assessment where you can show your potential employer your strengths.

4: Nestle

Nestle is a world-renowned company eager to attract the brightest minds. Like other major companies, Nestle utilizes a range of aptitude tests, changing depending on the role’s functions, to screen out underperforming workers. It has even been quoted online that Nestle rejects the bottom 60% of aptitude test-takers, which is why it is so important to do well in their tests. You simply won’t get invited back to the next round if you don’t sit down and practice consistently until you reach the top of the pack.

5: Disney Pixar

Plenty of recent graduates and established workers wish to work for Disney Pixar, but like other large companies, they have established a robust series of aptitude tests designed to select only the very best candidates. Aptitude testing at Disney Pixar takes place in two stages: first, after the initial application, and second, after a phone screening, which takes place on-site at an assessment center. Assessment centers often stress candidates out, so be sure to practice if you plan on sitting a Disney Pixar aptitude test. Covering numerical reasoning, abstract reasoning, verbal reasoning, situational judgment, and any other aptitude-related skills, it is definitely worth it to do that extra bit of preparation.

6: Amazon

If you’re eager to be a part of one of the world’s biggest online marketplaces, then you’re going to have to familiarize yourself with their recruitment process, which includes the use of aptitude testing. After you’ve made it through the online application stage, you’ll be asked to complete a written test which assesses your aptitude across various domains and if you’re competing for a technical role, then it will include some programming and problem solving as well as your aptitude for handling language, which is very important in their fast-paced industry.

7: Unilever

Like many of the world’s top companies, Unilever has its own on-site assessment centre. But before you have the privilege of being invited on-site, you’ll need to prove your skills in a variety of tests, including a numerical aptitude test where you can showcase your math skills. Unilever is renowned for putting candidates under intense stress during aptitude testing, as this helps them determine how workers will respond to stress in a real-world situation. Expect to be given a comprehensive and wide-ranging aptitude test, and prepare to ace it as soon as you get the news that your application was accepted.

8: Pfizer

Pfizer is eager to recruit professional candidates, which is why the company has crafted such a robust series of aptitude tests to ensure they select the right fit for their roles every time. Depending on the role you’re competing for, this can include numerical, logical and abstract aptitude test question. If you progress through to the next round, you may be asked to complete more thorough assessments to help human resources determine your appropriateness for the role.

9: Boeing

Boeing regularly accepts applications for employment from highly qualified candidates. In companies such as these, aptitude tests become even more vital as they help ensure candidates selected are capable of managing complex situations, such as making sure an aircraft is technically appropriate and error-free. Unlike other employers, Boeing actually offers its recruits practice tests, before having to sit real aptitude tests in person. You’ll need to jump through at least a few interview hoops before the aptitude test stage, which is great because it gives you precious time to prepare and practice.

10: Oracle

Aptitude tests reign supreme at Oracle, which prides itself on selecting the most technically competent workers. As with other companies, Oracle tailors its aptitude test offerings, by specialty and difficulty, depending on the job you are applying for. What you can expect for all roles, is a thorough test that provides a real snapshot of your capabilities. Make sure you practice as much as you can to ensure you’re invited to attend that all-important final face-to-face interview.

Widely-used recruitment method

As you can see, aptitude tests exist across a wide range of industries all around the world. To ensure you’re competing at the top of your game, why not start to prepare now with some aptitude test preparation. A little bit of practice every day could be all it takes to give you the edge you need to get the job of your dreams.

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