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Everything you need to know to pass a typing test

data entry test

Maybe you’ve passed the first round of screening for an exciting new role that you’d love to have, but you’ve been asked to take a typing test. Perhaps you have started looking around for your next challenge, but have noticed that a typing test is either a requirement of a specific position or is simply […]

15 Ways to Improve Your Verbal Ability

A strong verbal ability is more than just a tool to help you land your dream job. A high verbal prowess guarantees a positive first impression, showcasing you as a professional equipped to effortlessly communicate in language that truly transmits your intention. Your verbal ability can be a real asset, whether you are in your […]

Avoid These Common Aptitude Test Mistakes

Have you ever gone back to look at a test you’ve done in the past, only to realize you lost marks because you selected the wrong answer, when in fact you knew the correct answer all along? If you’ve had this experience, rest assured you are not alone. Even the most highly competent candidates make […]

How to Cope with Aptitude Test Anxiety

So, you received a reply back from a great company who is interested in proceeding through the initial stages of an interview with you, but you need to do an aptitude test? If you’re feeling suddenly stressed, you can rest assured knowing that this is a stage where most candidates experience anxiety. While aptitude tests […]

Ace Your Aptitude Test with these 9 Arithmetic Tips

If you’ve recently submitted a job application and passed the screening round, you may be called upon to complete an arithmetic focused aptitude tests. Aptitude tests are a great way to showcase your relevant skillset to a potential employer. However, most test takers report feeling unprepared to do well. Here are 9 tips to help […]

5 Tips to Prepare for Your Firefighter Fitness Test

The decision to train as a firefighter is a life-changing one. It is natural to feel nervous about what may await you during your training. There is, however, one aspect of the process that causes particular concern for prospective firefighters: the Candidate Physical Ability Test. The Candidate Physical Ability Test (usually referred to as the […]

What is an Aptitude Test?

Congratulations, you’ve finally found the job advertisement of your dreams. If you’ve read through the step by step application process and discovered that aptitude testing is included in the list of recruitment steps, don’t panic. Regardless of your previous aptitude test results, you too can achieve a great score that will help you win that […]