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Our assessment platform operates on a pay-as-you-go basis. This model allows you to pay only for the tests you use, offering flexibility to suit your hiring needs. Whether you’re evaluating a handful of candidates or overseeing extensive recruitment efforts, our system adapts to your requirements. By only paying for the assessments you need, you can efficiently manage your recruitment budget and process.

Account setup fee
(one time only)


Price per test credit
(same for all tests)


The setup of a new account includes two free test credits, allowing the test administrator to try the tests before administering them to any employee candidates.

To begin, complete the payment for the account setup fee to immediately receive your login credentials for the cSelect Test Administrator. With these credentials, you can perform all necessary procedures required for utilizing our tests.

Volume Discounts

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Frequently Asked Questions

Simply put:

1credit = 1 candidate taking 1 test = 1 test report.

No, credits do not expire.

No, your test administrator account does not expire.

No, the setup fee is a one-time payment only. After registering, you will only pay for the credits.

If you use online payment methods, credits are added to your account instantly.

Whenever you want, there is no limit to how many or how few you can buy. If you only need 1 credit, you can buy only 1 credit.

You can simply delete the test-taker login to retrieve the test credit.

The candidate can simply log in again to complete the test where he/she left off.

Yes, we accept payment by bank transfer. Please contact us for more information.

Yes, please contact us and tell us which of our assessment tests you would like to try.

Yes, please contact us to try a free demo of our platform.

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