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How it works


cSelect Test Administrator

cSelect Test Administrator

Immediately after signing up, you are granted access to the cSelect Test Administrator.

The cSelect Test Administrator is intuitive and easy to learn. With this software, you can create candidate test login credentials, manage existing candidates, print candidate test reports, and more.

On-Site or Remote Testing

All candidate tests are accessed through our secure online servers. This enables you to test candidates remotely as well as locally.

To enable candidates to take the test at home, simply send out automatic test invitations to your candidates.

Testing off-site or onsite
Aptitude Test Report

Detailed Test Reports – Ready Immediately

Tests are scored instantly, and test reports are available immediately upon test completion.

Test reports can be easily saved or printed through the cSelect Test Administrator.

Export to Excel and View Test Statistics

Export all your candidate test data to Excel and utilize this data in any manner you prefer.

With the cSelect Test Administrator, you can also view candidate test statistics, providing a comprehensive overview of your candidates’ overall performance.

Aptitude Test Results Excel List
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Make it Personal

Upload your company logo to display it for all candidates taking your selection tests. Your logo can also be included in test reports.

Download our test file and upload it to your website. This allows you to conduct candidate testing on your website instead of ours

Transparent and Affordable Prices

Pay per test:

  • Account set-up fee: $50 (one-time payment)
  • Per test: $6

Batch discounts:

  • 50 tokens:     $270    (10% discount)
  • 100 tokens:   $480    (20% discount)
  • 200 tokens:   $840    (30% discount)
  • 500 tokens:   $1500  (50% discount)
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